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How to Care and Grow Desert Rose

Desert rose plant comes in five varieties, all of which are Arabian natives and grow into semi-arid climates. Despite its arid origin, the desert rose has an excellent adaptive quality to tropical settings. That means these desert dwellers can still grow steadily and beautifully if they receive an adequate amount of warmth and draining soil.

Why my adenium is not flowering

Adenium is also called desert rose plant because they like nature’s dryness and will grow best in summer. Mainly Adenium blooms the most in summer, but we can get longer flowers, let us discuss how to deal with it and always keep healthy Adenium.

How to Prune Desert Rose

A desert rose, or the Adenium obesum, is a succulent shrub. It is known for its red, pink and white flowers that resemble a rose. The desert rose requires proper care throughout its lifetime, a major part of which includes pruning. You can figure out how to prune desert roses through this guide.

Adenium Varieties

Adenium is a small genus of deciduous succulent shrublets, shrubs or small trees, found in tropical and southern Africa. The genus name is derived from the geographical place name Aden in Arabia where the first known plant was found and recorded.